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Hand Grip StrengthenerThe durable and soft synthetic rubber handles ensure comfortable and nonslipperygrip. The stainless-steel resistance spring allows you to adjust the tensionto improve the forearm muscularity and the hand grip and to increase hand andwrist strength.  Finger Exerciser Light-weight with an ergonomic curve for better seating of thumb base and smoothfinger pads. This finger exerciser

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Hand Grip Strengthener
The durable and soft synthetic rubber handles ensure comfortable and nonslippery
grip. The stainless-steel resistance spring allows you to adjust the tension
to improve the forearm muscularity and the hand grip and to increase hand and
wrist strength. 

Finger Exerciser 
Light-weight with an ergonomic curve for better seating of thumb base and smooth
finger pads. This finger exerciser has resistance for each finger that develops
individual finger strength and flexibility. Easy to use and allows you to build grip
strength based on your current ability and desired results.

Large Finger Resistance Band
Made of high quality silicone material with good elasticity, which is compact and
effective. Strengthen your fingers and expand your shrunk and injured hand
muscles. It is wear-resistant and when your workout is done, simply put it away in
the bonus carry bag that is provided until your next session.

Large Grip Ring 
It is made of fiber-reinforced premium silicone material. Continual squeezing
stimulates the blood flow and improves the dexterity of fingers for stronger grip.

Large Gel Ball 
Perfect for anyone looking for fingers, hand and wrist exercise, rehab and stress
reliever. Pleasant to touch, fun-filled and returns to shape even squeezed into very
imperfect shape. Suitable for squeezing, massaging, tossing and strengthening of

What is Included in the Package?


Adjustable Hand Exerciser (30-145 lbs.) Finger Exerciser (9 lbs. per Finger) Finger Resistance Band (Heavy Resistance) Grip Ring (60 lbs.) Gel Ball (Firm) Carry Bag HD Workout Video eBook

Product Features

  • ✔️ Exclusive Hand Strengthener Kit: This training package includes Adjustable Heavy-Duty Hand Gripper (30-145 lbs.), Finger Exerciser (Heavy Resistance), Finger Resistance Bands (Heavy Resistance), Gel Ball (60 lbs.), Grip Ring (60 lbs.). A complete set of tools for both beginners and professionals to strengthen wrists, forearms, and fingers. All these tools are durable, odorless, hypoallergenic, washable and best value for your money.
  • ✔️ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – eBook & Video created by a professional trainer to help you create your own routine. We stand behind our brand and we give LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our products!!!
  • ✔️ Enhanced Endurance: Develops incredible hand muscle power and limberness for athletes like Tennis Player, Baseball player, Golfer for effective hitting, throwing or catching, and for other challenging sports activities like Power Lifting and Piston Shooting or for adventure freaks like Rock-Climbers, Bikers, and Body Builders. Spring-loaded grip tool improves the dexterity of fingers to apply force for a long time, especially for the fine progression in the effective performance of musicians
  • ✔️ Hand and Forearm Rehabilitation: Helps patients to recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Trigger Fingers Wrist Injury, Surgery, Hand Rehab from fracture, Carpal Tunnel relief, Wrist Tendonitis, Joint Pains, Stiffness Therapy and much more. Small to a large movement to the fingers has the ability to alleviate the pain and fidgetiness and gives massage effect to the weaker muscles. Consult your physician before choosing the tools and quitting the exercise routine. It can be used as a stress toy to
  • ✔️ Superior Technology & Top-Quality: Our tools are uniquely designed with a comfortable rubber ergonomic design, fits all hand sizes and lightweight and unbreakable even for long-term and frequent use. Convenient and user-friendly as it comes assembled and ready to use. It greatly offers all-around rehabilitation and strengthening you will ever need. You can utilize it to the maximum with adjustable extensions to multiple tension levels so that you don’t need not buy a new one every time after


Artyom Kozorezov says:

Great for beefing up the forearms. This kit has everything I needed to work out my fore arms. Definitely a great place to start for weekish forarms. The products aren’t necessarily premium design but they hold up through the torture I put them through on a daily basis. I’ve been working out regularly for a while and now finally have a means of beefing up my forearms. Each device seems to activate different parts of my muscles so I would definitely recommend this to my friends!

HerSide, LLC says:

This was perfect for my husband This was perfect for my husband. He rides motorcycles and complained sometimes of his hands hurting from, I guess shifting gears or making them go faster. Anyway, he was glad I purchased this hand exerciser for him and he’s been using it and says it’s working for him. He’s been using the hand gripper religiously and it seems to be working. I’ve not seen him rolling his wrists as much since he started using it.

Stan says:

I love the sturdiness and portability of this item I have 2 problems. I ride a motorcycle and I sit at a desk and type all day. Both situations rain havoc on my hands and forearms. A friend of mine who also rides told me about this type of product. Now for a few weeks I have been experiencing some pain in my hands and forearms. So I started to use this item at work. I love the sturdiness and portability of this item. After about a week of daily use I can honestly say that I can feel a significant difference. The hand and forearm nagging pain…

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