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Anonymous says:

So far so good, great price I lost my ILoveKickboxing gloves and needed new ones, I had 12 oz gloves before so I wanted to upgrade to 16 oz and found these on Amazon. They came in a thick plastic bag weren’t crushed, cushioning is thick, have a much stronger velcro, tighter wrap, and overall feel sturdy and secure. I’ve only used them once, but took them to my kickboxing instructor who seemed to really like them and gave them a pretty good look-over review.Price can’t be beat for the quality and weight. Not to…

Anonymous says:

Trideer gloves rock! This was my very first pair of authentic boxing gloves, went for the 16 ounce for heavy bag work and I must say that Trideer gloves are of excellent quality . The protective inner padding provides good knuckle protection for those power punches whether it be hooks, right or left cross. The gloves themselves are very comfortable for the most part however they do hold in some heat and moisture but must if not all gloves do so that isn’t a negative in my opinion . The wrist wrap do provide…

Anonymous says:

Impressive I have never had boxing gloves, therefore I have never even boxed before. These gloves fit great, feel great, and seem to be made of some good material. My trainer said these are some good gloves and was impressed that I found some nice gloves for $20. If you’re looking into getting some gloves I would definitely recommend these. I don’t necessarily have large hands but I think I have longer fingers than most but these are a perfect fit.

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